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Kory Basko


Hey there! My names Kory B, I'm a business graduate from Slippery Rock University. I wanted to give you a little background about me and where I've come from...


Fitness wasn't always my first found love. It was actually playing hockey as a child through college. It wasn't until truly 8 years ago that I got into fitness both with understanding diet and exercise. I'm the product of a complete and total weight loss transformation by losing 80 pounds! Crazy to think how you can let life get by you and not prioritize your health! By looking myself in the mirror back then, I decided I was going to lose the weight and get in shape! My motivation was a mirror and my own coach! 

I believe that fitness should be fun, and that's what makes me a unique yet effective coach both in person and online. I'm relatable to every day people. I truly understand the wants and needs other's are looking for. We map out a plan to execute your goals, and find a way to get you over any challenges you're facing!

Whether you're a beginner or advanced and need structure, I have worked with athletes, body builders, diabetics, men or women, and those struggling to gain or lose weight. 

My mission is helping clients achieve their transformation goals in a healthy, sustainable way. Whether you are looking to lose weight, add muscle, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, I will work with you to develop a plan that fits your goals. With an emphasis on clean eating, balanced nutrition, and personalized training, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your transformation in a way that is both challenging and enjoyable. At Kory B - Fit, I believe that your plan should be tailored specifically to you and your unique needs!

To me- you're not a number, you're an individual who's entrusted me to coach you through your own transformation. That's what makes me special above the rest of the online coaches!

I look forward in being part of YOUR success and journey!


- Kory B 

CREDENTIALS Certified by:

National Academy of Sports Medicine

2024 cpt cert.png
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