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Kory Basko



I went through a complete lifestyle transformation. Up until the past 7 years, I lived your typical college/post college 20's lifestyle with eating poorly and late nights out. I knew that if I wouldn't change my habits, I surely would be in a much worse spot. 

I've been in the fitness industry for over 7 years. I've learned that patience and enjoyment work hand in hand. Being able to still enjoy "fun foods" on occasion while eating cleaner and being active, I've managed to live a maintainable & healthy lifestyle. 

I create programs based on a client's goals and needs. The programs I offer are designed to be both enjoyable AND get the BEST and MOST out of you. Whether you're seeking a personal touch with me one on one with you OR you'd simply just like to take my weekly workouts and execute them to see immediate results. 

Whether you're a beginner or well versed and need structure, I have worked with athletes, body builders, diabetics, men or women, and those struggling to gain or lose weight. 

What separates me from the pack is that I understand each individual who I work with and how we can attack their goals so that they not only physically see results but feel confident in themselves. 

I look forward in being part of YOUR success and journey!


- Kory B 

CREDENTIALS Certified by:

National Academy of Sports Medicine

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