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At Kory B Fit, we believe in creating a fun and sustainable fitness journey that fits your lifestyle. With no magic pills or fad diets, our online and in - person coaching programs focus on form correction, adding muscle, and fat loss to create a physique that you’re proud of. Our client results speak for themselves, as we believe in creating a lifestyle change that lasts.

15 weeks

12 weeks

8 weeks

1 year

10 weeks

8 weeks

10 weeks

8 weeks

12 weeks

12 weeks

8 weeks

18 weeks

Client Testimonials

"In just 2 months, I lost 8% body fat, completely leaned out and exceed my fitness goals with Kory!"

- Michael

March, 2023

"Reaching my goal of 22% body fat was so easy with Kory"


March, 2023

"I managed to gain healthy weight by building muscle while still looking shredded in 3 months"

- Kimberly

February, 2022

"Using an online program has been life changing for me. Kory B's workouts are very easy to follow."

- Matt

November, 2022

"Living in a different country & having Kory being available as my coach was like he was right there with me in person every day."

- Jose

August, 2022

"Not only did I lose 30lbs but  confidence sky rocketed with Kory's constant motivation & drive"

- Daniel

January, 2022

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