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There's a reason your current routine isn't working. You've tried the "fad diets", the "weight loss" pills, were told the wrong information or left in the water like a sitting duck. I'm here to tell you that you do NOT have to run yourself into the ground to lose weight! Why wait for tomorrow when you can get started today?


Each client that I have worked with over the years has followed a program that correlated with their own lifestyles. What I create is a maintainable and sustainable workout plan for each individual client so that they can get the results they aim for. Elevating your lifestyle doesn't have to be a chore but it CAN be fun. Let's have that conversation about what I can do for YOU

Fitness Transformation
Fitness Transformation
Fitness Transformation
Fitness Transformation
Weight Loss
Weight Loss
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Client Testimonials

"In just 2 months, I lost 8% body fat, completely leaned out and exceed my fitness goals with Kory!"

- Michael

January, 2021

"Reaching my goal of 22% body fat was so easy with Kory"


February, 2020

"I managed to gain healthy weight by building muscle while still looking shredded in 3 months"

- Kimberly

February, 2021

"Using an online program has been life changing for me. Kory B's workouts are very easy to follow."

- Matt

April, 2021

"Living in a different country & having Kory being available as my coach was like he was right there with me in person every day."

- Jose

December, 2020

"Not only did I lose 30lbs but  confidence sky rocketed with Kory's constant motivation & drive"

- Daniel

April, 2021

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