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Feb 25, 2024 - Apr 20, 2024

8 Week Weight Loss Challenge

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Who doesn't want to lose weight? I've been there before. I know and understand the struggle. What if a challenge was created with opportunity to not only compete against others but also have the potential to win money for losing weight? Welcome to the first ever Kory B Fit weight loss challenge! In these 8 weeks, you will compete against others to finally lose that weight you've been struggling to lose! To think - you could get fit for free AND get weekly check-ins with a certified coach! I'm opening up my 8 week challenge to anyone who wants to lose weight. The best part - you don't need a gym! All that is required on your end is to document your progress within the 8 weeks, submit end of week weigh-ins with myself along with progress pictures so we can evaluate your success from week 1 to week 8! Things I provide at the beginning of the challenge: ✅ Nutrition tips ✅ A guide to clean eating ✅ Importance of balanced macros ✅ An example of a meal plan I'd approach to ensure a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. ✅ Weekly Reminders for your journey Things needed from you: ✅ Starting Weight, before pictures & end of challenge after pictures (can be submitted in group discussion OR privately via email) ✅ You and your willingness and eagerness to knock that weight off! ⭐️ BONUS ⭐️ I encourage you to download and use the “Macros First” app. It’s a free food journal and helps you stay on track.

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8 Week Weight Loss Challenge

8 Week Weight Loss Challenge

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